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M100T / M5000T Shaft Speed Switch

•  Compact, self-contained system with sensor and
  SPDT relay output
  5-100 rpm (M100T), 100-5,000 rpm(M5000T) 
   under-speed setting
  Terminal block for easy wiring
  115, 230 VAC (50-60 Hz) and 12, 24VDC power 
  Works with Electro-Sensors magneticpulser 
    discs / wraps
  Optional EZ-100 mounting bracketavailable
  Cast aluminum explosion proof (XP)housing
  UL Listed Class I,Div I(C,D)Class II,Div I(E,F,G)
  Commonly used to monitor drive trains, power 
   driven components, crushers, exhaust fans, 
   screw conveyors, or tail pulleys on belt 
   conveyors and elevator legs

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