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Conductivity converter UNICON-LF by Martens


The Conductivity Converter UNICON-LF has been designed for the measurement of conductivity, as a degree of the purity or concentration of a liquid. In connection with 4-electrode-conductivity cells a high accuracy and insensitivity of contamination can be achieved. A further advantage is a broad range of application with only one cell. Only for measurement in ultra-pure water a special 2-electrodeconductivity cell must be used.

For head or field installation
Feed via current loop
Temperature compensation
Measurement/monitoring to USP<645

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pH and Redox converter UNICON-pH by Martens


The pH and ORP converter UNICON-pH is suitable for pH and ORP measurement in food technology, chemistry within pharmaceutical and sewage-water technology. The converter works with all common pH- and ORP electrodes.

● Field or head mounting
● Measuring range programmable -1..+15 pH / ±1500 mV
● Temperature compensation via P100/Pt1000 sensor
● Analog output 4..20 mA for pH/ORP and temperature
● 2 alarm outputs, transistor 

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Temperature measuring device T1010 by Martens


The Temperature-Meter T1010 is suitable for measurement of temperatures in connection with RTD sensors Pt100, Pt1000. Devices for other temperature sensors are available on request. The measuring input is isolated. The measuring range can be limited in the configuration level. This is identical with the range of the analog output.

● Measuring input Pt100 -100.0..+600.0 °C

Pt1000 -50.0..+200.0 °C
● LED-Display 14.2 mm red, indicating range ±9999(0) Digit
● Max. 2 alarm outputs, relay SPDT
● Analog output 0/4..20 mA, 0/2..10 V

● Field case with snap lid, 2 x M16x1.5

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Tank display TA1010 by Martens


The Tank Display TA1010 offers content measurement of tanks withno linear connection between level and content. Measurement willbe realized by hydrostatic pressure or distance sensors. The deviceoffers the possibility to connect a level sensor. Reaching a certainlevel, the displayed value will be corrected automatically to thevalue according to the position of the installed sensor

● Inputs for standard signals 0/4..20 mA or 0/2..10 V
● 2nd input for pressure transmitter at pressure loaded tanks
● Input automatic level correction
● 6 standard- and custom sized tanks selectable
● Max. 2 alarm outputs, relay SPDT
● Field case with snap lid, cable glands 2 x M16x1.5

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