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ZE Fine Filter

  • Fine Filter is fitted withvarious filter elements in mesh size and material
  • For cleaning of liquids andgases
  • Filter from 5 µm to 300 µm
  • Simple cleaning
  • Transparent or opaque cups
  • Fine filters principle
  • Measuring materials: water,gas/air
  • G1/8 from G3/4 (DN 4 to DNDN 20) female thread plastic
  • Max. PN 10 bar, max.temperature 52°C
  • Housing : PP

ZV-...GR Magnetic Filter

  • Magnetic Filters consist ofa housing, a filter cartridge and a centrically arranged magnetic filter
  • Combination of magneticseparator and filter
  • General parts are collectedby Filter while Ferrite parts gather around the magnetic separation candle
  • Mesh size 600μm
  • Magnetic filters principle
  • Measuring materials:gas/air, water, oil
  • G1/2 from G3 (DN 15 to DN80) female thread bronze
  • Max. PN 16 bar, max.temperature 60°C
  • Housing : bronze Rg5/Rg6 ;brass
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