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SHN-PRR125-1R/250-1R AC Power Lines Type Arrestor (10KA)

  • AC Power Supply Line Arrester
  • Protection of instruments from counter electromotive force by inductors,surge or lightning induced by AC power supply lines
  • 2 stage surge protection functions & thermal and short circuit fusecontain
  • 10V / 220 ACV (50/60Hz) power supply
  • Discharge voltage:
  • - Line-Line: 300 V or more (peak)/ 500 V or peak (peak)
  • - Line-Ground: 500 V or peak (peak) / 700 V or more (peak)
  • Surge suppressed voltage: Applied ANSI/IEEE C6241 CAT
  • Discharge current: 10kA/Mode 20 kA/phase / 10kA/Mode 20 KA/phase
  • Max. load current: 5A(10A/15A: optional)
  • Protected voltage : 750V or less / 1.35 kV or less
  • Casing: NEMA/IP20
  • DIN/KS rail mounting, wall mounting
  • Basis on ANSI/IEEE CATEGORY "A"/"C”
  • UL, CE, CSA safety standards regulations  

PSP-RP Power Arrester

  • Protection of measuringenvironment, and instruments from Surge or Lightning induced by AC Power Supplylines
  • 2 stage surge protect noisefiltering (EMI/RFI)
  • Wire connection: parallel @single-phase two-wire system
  • LED indication on PowerOn/Off and Operation States
  • Nominal voltage: 110V/220VAC
  • Rated voltage: 150V/275V AC
  • Total discharge current :75KA/120KA/150KA
  • Voltage protection level:<=750V <=1.35KV
  • Alarm contact operatingvoltage: 250V/AC 124V/DC
  • IP Code: IP20/NEMA
  • Casing : Steel
  • Rail mounting type
  • UL, CE, CSA safety standards regulations 

SHN-ARR Signal Arrester

  • Protection for electroniccomponents in DC signal wiring
  • Protecting the equipmentfrom any damage caused by lightning surges
  • 2 stage protection function
  • Surge suppressed voltage:under 43 Vpk
  • Inputs: DC signal (4 to20mA)
  • Discharge between lines: 28Vto 30 V or more/68V to 70V or more
  • Voltage between lines andGND: 255V to 345V
  • Clamping voltage rating: 40Vor less/80V or less
  • Response time: 0.1usec orless
  • Discharge current:3KA(8X20)µsec
  • Max. load current: 100mA
  • Wall mounting
  • Basis on ANSI/IEEE CATEGORY "A"/"C” technique 

SHN-TMR Arrester for Telecommunication line

  • Protection fortelecommunication (MODEM) line
  • 2 stage protection function
  • Easy to maintain and compactsize
  • Contains Noise filtercircuits and thermal fuse to protect overheat and surge
  • Inputs: Telemetering data
  • Discharge between lines:+/-1.2 V or more
  • Voltage between lines andGND: 255V to 345V
  • Max. surge voltage (betweenlines): 15V or less
  • Response time: 0.1µsec orless
  • Discharge current:3KA(8X20)µsec
  • Max. load current: 100mA
  • Max. line DC voltage: 1.2VDC
  • Wall Mounting
  • Basis on ANSI/IEEE CATEGORY "A"/"B"/"C”technique 

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