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BriteX 1000 series Brightness Sensor

  • Simple solution for in-line process monitoring, wet and dry end brightness grading, orpaper break detection
  • Numerical display in standard brightness units
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • 10to 24 VDC Supply
  • Operating Temperature : -20°C to 55°C
  • Housing Material : Metal alloy
  • M12Connector
  • IP67
  • BriteX-1000P- For dry end paper applications up to 900mm sensing distance. 50mm spot sizeat 200mm. Display readout: 0-99 steps.
  • BriteX-1000Probe Series - For wet end pulp applications. 370nm or 457nm light source. Spotsize: 25mm glass window.
  • BriteX-1000S- For ICUMSA sugar color applications up to 900mm sensing distance. Spot size:50mm at 20mm. Display readout: 0-99 steps.
  • BriteX-100- Optimized for small target area: 8mm at 40mm. Sensing distance: up to 150mm.Display readout: 0-99 steps.

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