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Microprocessor Controlled Universal Simulator

  • Simulator for process quantities in automotive & machine manufacturing applications
  • Testing measuring circuits from the sensors:

       - Strain gauges (fulland half-bridge)

       - Potentiometers

       - Thermocouples (typesK, J and L)

       - Pt100

       - Current and voltage sensors

       - Tachometer generators

  • Voltage measurementsin the ±10V range
  • Easy operation andDisplay with high-contrast LCD with 2 lines including 16 characters
  • Rechargeable batteryoperation for flexible / mobile use
  • Adaptable tocustomer-specific requirements

LM-02 Power Measurement Device with Display and Analog Output

  • Read out of apparent power, active power, idle power, power factor,voltage, current
  • Analog output (+10 V), choice of apparent power, or active power, or idlepower
  • Measurement (Input) Ranges:

      - Power: 400 to 4000 W (others on request)

        Accuracy: ±1% of display value

      - Voltage: up to 250V

        Accuracy: ±0.5% of display value

      - Current: 1.6 to 16 A

        Accuracy: ±0.5% of display value

  • Simple operation with front panel keyboard (direct choice of functions)
  • Solid metal housing with handle
  • Simple connection: plug-in of the to be checked device into the rearsocket
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